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Between December 2007 and January 2008, the site received more than 8 million visits. If it shocks you, post it here. The following reveals elements of "plot" Sadistic Asshole: "Dude. ตอนเเรกเข้าใจว่าเจ้า 2 Girls 1 Cup มันเป็นเพียงไวรัลสั้นๆที่ทำเอาไว้เเกล้งคน ความยาวเพียงไม่กี่นาที เเต่พอหาข้อมูลเสร็จ จริงๆมันถูกสร้างเป็นหนังยาวนิ. This phenomenon received significant attention from the media. น้ำปัสสาวะ, อ้วก คนหนึ่งอ้วก คนหนึ่งอ้าปากเพื่อดื่มกิน, ก้อนอุจจาระที่เพิ่งขับถ่ายลงสู่เเก้ว เเล้วตักแบ่งกินกันอย่างอร่อยจนหนังจบเรื่อง. Until one day where it was brought to my attention that I owed some money to the hosting company due to bandwidth overages. By November, reaction videos were going viral on YouTube. It makes and look mainstream by comparison. My whole worldview has been decimated. Based on the infamous internet video, this series of shorts follows the adventures of a cup living with two girls in Sherman Oaks. Within 14 years, the post received more than 14 million views shown below. Based on the infamous internet video, this series of shorts follows the adventures of a cup living with two girls in Sherman Oaks. Spread Within one month of the site's launch, more than 400,000 people visited the site, spending less than 30 seconds online. On August 29th, 2007, user DeeZeal defined the video, "One of the most disgusting videos on the internet. While the subject matter is unquestionably lighthearted, the director clearly made a decision to show their relationship as something beyond a platonic Friendship. Over the next few months, the video began growing in popularity online, particularly because of reaction videos that feature people watching the film. Official follow up for the famous 2007 film Hungry Bitches 2007 with Saori and Diana Lesbian play in the kitchen including Scat, golden shower, Throw up, food in 2 girls 1 cup the second volume. Many actors make scat films, but they don't agree to eat feces. As the site reached its peak, they decided to sell the 2girls1cup. The viral success of the video also inspired numerous parodies and other comedic content based on the clip. This subreddit is not for gore bloody deaths, torture, etc , unless the video contains an element of shock or surprise in some significant way ex: little old lady walking down the street, SUDDENLY BEARS. Said Asshole's victim plays the video "": music plays. The sickest viral video on the net, hands down! My life will never be the same. The following month, that number jumped to 2 million visits. Traumatized Victim shaking : "Where am I? AND, OH NO, SQUIRTING IT INTO THE OTHER CHICK'S MOUTH! Two girls start licking each others chests, followed by one of the girls filling a pint glass with her own feces. Submissions that fit well will generally be NSFW due to their gross, morbid, or sickening nature, but a submission considered safe for work can also fit well such as a news clip detailing a grisly murder. So much better, so much tastier. During the first month of the site being up I had encountered some issues. However some have criticized the film for its portrayal their relationship. On November 1st, comedian , best known for his role on the television series The League, published a parody song about the video. Fiorito, a self-described "compulsive fetishist," came under fire from United States authorities, calling his films obscene. PLEASE, I CAN'T WATCH ANYMORE! The movie goes on to show BOTH girls licking and sucking at the contents of the cup. The video depicts a number of themes, including the complexity of relationships and true love in contemporary society. Grandma Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup comments. This is more than simply a video about women sharing and eating fecal matter they have collected in a cup — this is a work of art. In their introduction, the unnamed owner of the site says that they saw the video on a messageboard and created a that would auto-play the clip. The Original 2 Girls 1 Cup video took the internet by storm in October 2007 when the video was repeatedly uploaded onto video sharing site Youtube. Are they really, IS SHE EATING THE OTHER CHICK'S POO! If you though watching this was a good idea you should probably also try or. THEN the girls start and puking in each others mouths! Official follow up for the famous 2007 film Hungry Bitches 2007 with Saori and Diana Lesbian play in the kitchen including Scat, golden shower, Throw up, food in 2 girls 1 cup the second v. The site hosted the video until the site's deactivation. In the clip, two women defecate into a cup and take turns consuming the cup's contents, before vomiting into each other's mouths. Content Warning: The following entry contains graphic material. And by enjoying I mean tastefully defecating into it, licking it, pucking in it and then into each other's mouths. After the first month, they said that they forgot they had hosted the video, but after being charged by the hosting company due to overage charges, they saw the steady success of the page. About 2 Girls 1 Cup is the colloquial name for the trailer for the Brazilian scat coprophagic fetish adult film Hungry Bitches made by MFX Media in 2007. The extremely graphic nature of the clip, as well as the soundtrack accompaniment of "Lovers Theme" by Hervé Roy, caused it to go in late 2007, with many users posting their own or others' for the first time. The name, "2 Girls 1 Cup" has also been subject to , exemplified in shock sites such as Origin Brazilian distributor and pornographer Marco Fiorito directed Hungry Bitches and his company MFX Media released the film on January 5th, 2007. On September 21st, 2007, fartenewt posted one of the earliest reaction videos, receiving more than 14 million views in less than 14 years shown below, left. It was all confirmed that I did indeed exceed bandwidth usages and I directed myself to my analytics account. The clip is an excerpt from Hungry Bitches 2007 from the Brazilian movie producers MFX Media. This has caused the film to be unfairly withdrawn from many cinemas and channels across the internet. At that time I had no care for the site and had even forgotten that the site existed. On November 3rd, YouTuber Jame Andy posted a reaction video that received more than 22 million views in less than 14 years shown below, right. The video features two girls enjoying one cup. On August 10th, 2010, the creator of the 2girls1cup website participated in a. Later, one girl has a that she squirts out of her mouth a few times before swallowing. This is a gross indictment of the mainstream media and society as a whole. Traumatized Victim horrified and at of nausea : "Are they.。